Look at you with all that gorgeous ambition. Investing all that black girl magic in your 9-to-5, and then whipping work after hours on your side hustle. You’re an EmployedPreneur. That’s why you’re here.

Your employer’s not your slave driver. He’s your investor.

You don’t take orders. You take risks. Calculated risks.

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of Mediocrity, we fear no evil, because EmployedPreneurs create their own destiny. You’re risking everything in your heart and soul to make the tactical transition from full-time employee to a full-time entrepreneur that owns hustle.

The EmployedPreneur is here to provide community, to help you feel supported, remain focused, and stay woke every step of your journey. We’re here with you when you stay up until 2 AM, and pop back up when you wake up at 6. We’re hustling beside you during lunch breaks, and just as distracted during office hours.

We’re your Happy Hour, your After-5 Crew, and your Boss B*tch BFFs. We bring you the energy and the motivation needed to put the muscle in your hustle.

Because Hustle is the new black – and you wear it so damn well.