Finding it hard to stack enough dough so you can finally quit your 9 to 5 and go hard in your own business?

I know how hard it is pursuing your dream while trying to keep a roof over your head.

Read on, I got you!


$212: Sold Furniture on Craigslist

My brother was relocating and needed to get rid of some furniture. He was planning on throwing it out when I told him I’d help him get rid of it and make some cash in the process. I took pics of all the items and listed them on Craigslist. I set all the prices at $17 more than we wanted to get to make room to negotiate. I handled the sales and the pick-ups. Within a week we netted $424 in cash and split the profits.


$200: PNC Bank Account Promotion

Many banks will offer you hundreds for opening a checking account with them. PNC Bank required me to set up a total minimum direct deposit amount of $2,000 and make at least 10 purchases using my new debit card. Shortly after the minimum direct deposit was made the bank deposited the $200 bonus into my account. To see current promos, go to > banking > in the drop down menu select > “Bank Account Promotions”.


$167: Sold iPhone 5 on eBay

I checked current Ebay listings to see what the 5 was selling for and listed mine as a “Buy Now” among the highest prices listed. Keeping my iPhones in pristine condition has helped me earn top dollar when I go to sell them. I offered free shipping and had Sprint unlock the phone. It sold within a few days.


$150: TD Bank Account Promotion

Since TD Bank was offering a bonus with a lower cumulative direct deposit minimum, I switched an additional direct deposit account to this bank to get their $150 bonus.


$150: Navy Federal Credit Union Referral Bonus

If you are eligible for membership into Navy Federal Credit Union take advantage! You must be a current or former service member or related to one to get access. My brother was in the Navy so I was granted access through his membership. Once you become a member, you can refer up to 3 family members and get $50 each. I signed up 3 family members and $150 deposited into my
account. This promotion is offered often so go into
your local branch to apply.


$50: Sold iPhone 4

I used the same process I used to sell my iPhone 5.


$50: Hyundai Test Drive Promotion

Dealerships will often pay you to come in for a test drive. I went to the Hyundai website to sign up for a test drive and was presented with an offer for a $50 VISA gift card for signing up. This offer may not be valid at the moment but it will come around again so keep checking. Simply do a Google search for “test drive promotions (and the current year)” and you’re bound to find a current promo. Other dealerships that have participated in the past: Kia, Subaru and Volvo.


$25: Kia Test Drive Promotion

I went to the Kia website to print out my test drive offer. Just like the Hyundai promo, there is no purchase necessary. In addition, you’re limited to one coupon redemption per household every 6 months.

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